ISKCON Leads On With All-India Training Program

When Bhakti Brihat Bhagavat Swami started the ISKCON LEADS training program in March 2009, on the recommendation of the GBC succession committee, it was with Srila Prabhupada’s words reverberating clearly in his mind.

“Just as all parts of the body cooperate to keep the body fit, in the ideal state all sections of society cooperate under the leadership of the brahmanas,” wrote the ISKCON Founder in his book Beyond Illusion and Doubt. “At present this Krishna consciousness movement is training brahmanas. If the administrators take our advice and conduct the state in a Krishna conscious way, there will be an ideal society throughout the world.”

Now at the end of its first year of three, ISKCON LEADS’ mission is to systematically train and educate dynamic, cultured, and effective spiritual leaders who will inspire devotees to take ISKCON to the position of world prominence that Srila Prabhupada envisioned.

“ISKCON LEADS—or ISKCON Leadership Education And Development System—is an effective acronym because it conveys the ethos of our leadership training both in the acronym and the full name,” explains secretary Vamsi Vadana Dasa.

Currently offered only in India, the ISKCON LEADS training program includes three modules and 17 courses, all taught at regional divisions in Mumbai, Delhi, Tirupati, and Mayapur.

“The five courses of Module One, Interpersonal Spiritual Development, each cover one of the “Five Most Potent Forms of Devotional Service” described in the Caitanya-caritamrta,” Vamsi Vadana says. “Which are associating with devotees, chanting the holy name of the Lord, hearing Srimad-Bhagavatam, residing in a holy place, and worshiping the Deity with faith and veneration.”