Album of sacred verses

Ramanuja, the Acharya nonpareil, established the philosophy of Sri Vaishnavism and its descriptive name is Visishtadvaita. His work Gadyatrayam comprises the Saranagatigadya, Sri Rangagadya, and Sri Vaikuntagadya Saranagatigadya is in the form of a dialogue with Sriman Narayana. Ramanuja pleads with the Lord to pardon his sins and deficiencies and totally surrenders himself to the grace of the almighty.

Sri Rangagadya also called Mitagadya because of its brevity, finds Ramanuja begging the Lord to grant him a place in His abode in order to serve Him forever. In the Sri Vaikuntagadya, Ramanuja graphically describes the splendour of Sri Vaikunta and the magnificent, resplendent form of the Supreme One, Narayana. He also speaks about what a Prapanna (one who has performed saranagati) should do to evolve himself to great heights of spirituality, Yamunacharya's catusloki and stotraratna, and a stotra on Ramanuja also find place in this album.