A festival of llamas

By 5 p.m. Saturday, Spanish Fork had hit 101 degrees, but that did not stop thousands of people from gathering for the 11th annual Llama Fest at the Krishna Temple. Dozens of llamas were led through beauty contests and obstacle courses throughout the evening, and crowds gathered in the shade of the temple's wrap-around balcony cheered as winners were chosen.

The festival is meant to highlight llamas and their owners, festival organizers have said. To that end, there were live demonstrations of llama wool spinning and weaving as well as music from Peru, Chile and Bolivia, where llamas are native.

By far the most popular attraction at the festival was the snow cone stand, where the line was more than 50 feet long at times. Volunteers sold hundreds of platefuls of the traditional vegetarian buffet that is served daily at the temple, and even more peach and mango-lemon slush drinks, which warded of the heat.

Daily Herald