God the Actor

The roles enacted by the Lord encompass a vast variety. He has acted as a merciful prince (Karuna kakushta), an alms-seeking pauper in Vamanavatar, a cowherd enamoured of milk and butter, a teacher of divine secrets as the Gitacharya, an axe-wielding rishi in Parashuramavatar and a bloodthirsty avenger in Narasimhavatar.

All the Navarasas find expression in the Lord’s performance as Sri Rama. Romance aplenty, during his sojourn in the forest in the bewtiching company of Vaidehi; valour in battle; marvel, when the deep, broad sea is bridged with stones and rocks; disgust, when the unseemly Soorpanakha makes indecent advances; fury and rage in the war fought with Ravana; tranquility, in the interaction with the sages in Dandakaranya forest; sorrow, in his lament for Sita and elation, hearing from Sri Hanuman, that Janaki is alive and well.