UZBEKISTAN: Police continue hunt for religious literature

Hare Krishna devotees are also facing pressure in Karakalpakstan. Khaitbai Yakubov, a human rights activist from Khiva, told Forum 18 in Tashkent on 5 July that on 16 June, the procuracy, the National Security Service secret police and the ordinary police searched an apartment belonging to a Hare Krishna devotee and local schoolteacher Asa Bekabayeva in Bostan, a town on the outskirts of Nukus. Ninety Hare Krishna books were confiscated from her. Galyb Kadyrov, an assistant to the public prosecutor for Bostan, threatened Bekabayeva that she would be sacked from her school if she did not stop promoting the beliefs of the Hare Krishna movement. Reached by Forum 18 on 7 July, Galyb Kadyrov totally refused to tell Forum 18 why Bekabayeva had been threatened.