The many moods of Mahabharata

Exploring the woman’s world in the Mahabharata with Draupadi at the centre. Rituparno Ghosh’s “most difficult film” will roll out of city-based RPG Group’s Saregama Films early next year. The Hindi-English bilingual called Draupadi is aimed at both the national and international audiences.

“Even Satyajit Ray had attempted the Mahabharata but backed out due to the complexity of the relationships which is so difficult to convey to an international audience. I want to work with the characters of Mahabharata, and not the story. Indian audiences are familiar with the storyline, but international audiences will not know the plot. Striking a balance between the two will be the most difficult task for me,” said Rituparno on Tuesday.

Draupadi, Krishna and Ved Vyas will be the three significant characters Rituparno will focus on. Chandril Bhattacharya, of Chandrabindoo, is working with him on the script that is likely to be ready in the next two months. Only then will the cast be finalised.

Sush to play Draupadi?