Monday Hindu

Rejina Jinaraj wanted her fiancee to know what to expect. She wanted him to get a glimpse of the world she once called home, a world rich with Hindu traditions.

"He's never seen it," Jinaraj said of the Indian traditions she grew up with in the southwest Indian state of Kerala.

Jinaraj left this behind in 2001 when she came to study at the University of Utah. But on Saturday, Jinaraj, 22, her husband-to-be Ryan Sincic, 29, and their friends made their way to Spanish Fork to the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple for their Betrothal Ceremony, where those traditions live on.

Not much is spoken of Hindus in Utah County. Not much is even said of Hindus in Utah. But they're here, and they have their own temple modeled after the famous Indian palace, Kusum Sarovar, which means "temple on a lake of flowers."