A People's Police for Independent India

By far the most important AREA that has been identified for the Indian Police to be more of the people’s police is on the improvement of their relationship with the public, as without the best image i.e. "faith and love" of the public thereby enlisting their popular support and co-operation no police work can effectively be achieved. For keeping the "police-public-relationship" at best what is required is to ensure that every policeman performed his duties "correctly and patiently", and also most "honestly" always considering himself as a part or constituent member of the "community or the people or the nation", and not something outside it. For the achievement of such a goodwill what is imperative is to instill confidence in them by showing that they (policemen) are always there to help them (the public), particularly during critical times, for it is only when some sort of "FAITH" is established then comes the feeling of "love" as is very rightly expressed in the saying - "when there is faith, there is love, and when there is love there is peace" - to establish always peaceful situation or atmosphere amongst the people is the "foremost duty" that is entrusted upon the police which is termed as the "maintenance of public peace and order" - in this regard it may be relevant to mention here and remember the divine teaching imparted by Lord Krishna to Arjuna as is in the Bhagavad-Gita, chapter 4, verse 18 (Gyan yoga) - which says "KARMANYO-KARMA YAH PASHED-KARMANI, CHA KARMA YAH CHHA BUDHIMAN MANUSHESHU CHHA YUKTA KRITSNA-KARMAKRIT" - he who finds, in the midst of intense activity peace, and in the midst of greatest peace intense activity, he is a perfect man - an indication that may be established from the divine teaching and message is that while carrying out his prescribed duties one should always maintain his calmness of mind i.e. peace disregard of their results, and it is only with a peaceful mind that one can carry out his actions most peacefully.