SC allows Delhi govt to adopt Yamuna plan

Wednesday, September 7, 2005 (New Delhi):

The Supreme Court today allowed the Delhi government to adopt the action plan to clean river Yamuna, in line with the steps taken by the British government to clean river Thames.

The Court approved the action plan for constructing sewage treatment plants at all points where major drains meet the river Yamuna, so that no untreated sewage gets discharged into the river.

The Yamuna, considered one of the holiest rivers in India, has today become one of the most polluted as well, and its water declared unfit for drinking.

Even in small cities like Mathura, devotees have been ritually pouring milk into the holy river for centuries, believing it can heal their illnesses and cleanse their sins.

But it's not just milk. People also throw sweets and sindoor, wrapped in plastic bags, all of which makes the river highly polluted.