Vastu Training Course

The European Academy of Vedic Sciences (EAVS) is conducting a six-day Vastu Training Course at the Vedic Academy in Germany to train professional Vastu Consultants. After this course the students will continue their studies at home, working on different practical projects and going through additional course materials under qualified guidance. All the training materials are available online.

The EAVS is working on establishing an international network of Vastu Consultants and is still looking for representatives for Vastu and Jyotish in many countries. Many former students of the Vastu Training Course have already successfully started Vastu academies and businesses themselves in their home countries. Among those are Ajamila Prabhu (UK, Malaysia), Kanakabja Prabhu (London), Krsnalaya dd (Hungary), Upananda Prabhu (Croatia), Madan Mohan Prabhu (Switzerland), Giridhari Prabhu (Italy) and others.