Vrindavan artist’s ode to Lord Krishna through exotic Kanhai gold paintings

God can be worshipped in many ways. Some do it through music, some by following rituals, and some through paintings, which was evident at the Kanhai Gold Painting Workshop in Kolkata. Just one look at the Kanhai paintings will make you feel there has been a reincarnation of Lord Krishna.

Kanhia Chitrakar, who has been considered the pioneer of Kanhai Gold Paintings, is conducting a month long workshop in Kolkata, where participants are made familiar with the art of making the distinctive gold paintings.

"With the blessing of God I realised that painting was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. First I started with portraits, and then, slowly added gold to the paintings. That's how the birth of Kanhai painting came into existence", said Kanhia Chitrakar.