New Magazine of the WVA (Kartik 2005 Issue)

(From the Editorial)

Change is happening in this world so fast, that what is new today is already old tomorrow. One may argue that it has always been like this in the material realm, but if one sees how fast a country like India has changed over the last few years, one wonders how long this can continue. In a city like Bangalore air conditioned shopping malls are being pumped out of the ground as if they want to catch up with Singapore overnight. More then ever there seems to be a necessity for moderation and sanity in a world heading towards disaster.

This issue of the WVA features a number of articles of projects that seek to propagate Vedic knowledge and culture in the modern world we live in. We can only hope that more individuals will take responsibility in taking up environmentally sane lifestyles. Ecological awareness is closely related to spiritual awareness. In fact, the one presupposes the other.