Transcendental Videos wanted for Public Broadcast

by Mayesvara dasa. I am happy to report that for the last three weeks the citizens of Ojai Ca, have been treated to a full hour of transcendental video’s. In an agreement with the local Public Access Cable Television station, Adelphia Channel 10, local Vaishnava’s operating under the name “American Vedic Association,” (AVA) have been awarded one hour per week to broadcast ISKCON Television (ITV) shows such as Healthy Wealthy & Wise; Nandulal; Fate (The Bhagavad Gita Museam); The Golden Avatara; Vrindaban, The Land of Krishna; Only He Could Lead Them and numerous outtakes of Srila Prabhupada teaching Gaudia Vaishnava philosophy.

We thank Sriman Nrsimhananda Prabhu from ITV for granted the permission necessary which allows us to air his productions to the general public. Los Angeles playwright Sriman Anadi Dasa has been kind enough to provide the necessary technical assistance required to splice the available video material into the one hour formats that includes thematic music, Bhagavada Gita Slokas, and numerous other Graphic enhancements that makes the “Vedic Hour” show a very professional look & feel presentation.