WVA Meeting Vrindavan Kartik '05

We kindly request the respective secretaries and representatives of the member missions to attend the managerial meeting of the WVA on 10. November, 2005.

The Official Meeting of WVA will be held in Sri Chaitanya Gaudiya Math on 12. of November, 2005 on the occasion of the Vyasa-puja of Srila B.D. Madhava Goswami Maharaja.

Managerial Meeting of the WVA:

Date: 10. of November, 2005
Time: 10.30 A.M.
Place: Vinod Vani Gaudiya Math
near old Madan Mohan Mandir, Vrindavan

-Review of the current state of the WVA
-Review of the different committees
-Discussion of new proposals

Who can attend:
Acaryas, Sannyasis, Secretaries of member missions and senior Gaudiya Vaishnavas with interest to further the goal of the WVA.

Official Meeting of the WVA:

Date: 12. of November, 2005
Time: 10.30 A.M.
Place: Sree Chaitanya Gaudiya Math
Mathura Road, Vrindavan

Schedule to be announced shortly

All Vaishnavas are invited to attend the meeting