Justin Connor - Kaliyuga

Gorgeous post-apocalyptic pop music that recalls early Pink Floyd and Radiohead.

Justin Connor’s debut album, Kaliyuga, boldly sets out to go where no CD has ever gone before. Can you imagine floating through a sonic montage of spacy melodies, introspective lyrics, and a soulful, meditative voice reminiscent of a young Roger Waters?

"The album title, 'Kaliyuga', is a Vedic reference to the age that we’re all currently living in – an age defined by war, greed, consumption, decadence, and an overall deterioration of human existence. After months of pouring through various Vedic texts,” Justin says reflectively, “I began to sense a strong correlation between many of the deeper truths and questions that I was having trouble understanding in my own life, to the many obstacles that this time period reflects…so I guess this album evolved in an attempt to elicit consciousness, while remaining aware of the many pitfalls that 'Kaliyuga' may present along the way."