Messenger at ease

"HE GIVES Krishna devotees some great food for thought. A mechanical engineer with a shaven head, he is fair-skinned and light-eyed, clad in a saffron dhoti with an accordian around the chest and Bhagavad Gita in hand. That’s Sankirtan Das for you. A Swiss by origin and a Krishna devotee. “Gita gave meaning and direction to my life when I first read it in 1985. I love and live to share its wisdom with whoever I can.” he says. Sankirtan was in Pune where he distributed the book on behalf of ISKCON Pune at a concessional price of Rs 120 (English) and Rs 70 and Rs 80 (Hindi and Marathi, respectively). Das is based in Vrindavan from where he travels worlwide. Interestingly, he also conducts Bhakti Shastri classes and courses on devotional Vedic texts. So from India, he heads to South Africa to spread his love and devotion for Lord Krishna."