Knowledge belongs to everybody

For several centuries, only Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas were held to be eligible for the study of the Vedas, though in practice, Vedic studies have been the privilege and prerogative of male Brahmins alone. However, this practice has neither theoretical foundation nor Vedic sanction. Rather, the Vedas emphatically assert that the knowledge contained in them is meant for all.

Vedic knowledge and practices are universal in character, says the Atharva Veda: “"O man! I, being of the nature of truth and being unfathomable, have revealed the true Vedic knowledge; so I am he who gave birth to the Veda. I cannot be partial either to a Daasa or an Arya; I save all those who behave like myself, that is impartially, and follow my truthful commands”.