Approach Krishna through Radha

By His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

The aim of life is to satisfy Lord Vishnu. Krishna is the origin of visnu-tattva, and he is pleased through Radharani. Therefore we don’t keep Krishna alone. No. We keep Radha-Krishna. First you have to worship Radharani. So her appearance day, Radhastami, is today. In Vrindavan you will see that all the devotees greet one another by saying, "JayaRadhe!" because they know that Radharani is the original pleasure potency. She is always absorbed in thought of Krishna. Anyone who comes before Radharani to serve Krishna, she becomes so pleased, "Oh, here is a devotee of Krishna." She immediately recommends that person, "Krishna, here is a devotee. He is better than me." This is Radharani. I may not be a devotee. I may be a most fallen rascal. But if I try to reach Krishna through Radharani, then my business is successful. Therefore we should worship Radharani first. That is our business. Instead of directly offering a flower to Krishna, put it in the hands of Radharani: "My mother Radharani, Jagan-mata, please kindly take this flower and offer it to Krishna." Radharani says, "Oh, you have brought a flower?" Krishna said, patram puspam phalam toyam yome bhaktyā prayacchati — "If one offers me with devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, I will accept it." [Bg. 9.26] But don’t try to offer to Krishna directly. Offer through Radharani. It will be very much appreciated by her. This is our philosophy — to please Krishna through Radharani — and as today is the auspicious day of Radharani’s appearance, we should offer pupāñjali and pray, "Radharani, kindly be merciful and tell about me to your Krishna. Krishna is yours." Krishna is not independent. Krishna is Radharani’s property. So you have to approach Krishna through Radharani. Today is an auspicious day. Worship Radharani very nicely and be happy.  — Lecture on the occasion of Radharani’s appearance day. London. 5 September 1973.