Chant ‘Hare Krishna’, the only road to happiness: ISKCON Guru

ALL MEN have equal potential for bhakti and every one can attain the highest level of consciousness if the name of the god is chanted with devotion, said Srimad Radha Govind Das Goswami Maharaj, one of the most respected Gurus of International Society for Krishna Consciousness popularly known as ISKCON.

“If one wants to attain real happiness then he must chant the mahamantra ‘Hare Krishna’ as Vedas describe it as the most effective means of self purification in this age,” said Govind Das Maharaj while speaking to merinews on the occasion of Krishna Janamashtami at Vrindavan, adding “Nam mein shakti hai aur kalyug mein bhagwan ke nam ka hi sahara hai (there’s power in the name and in these modern times god’s name is the only respite)”.

The problem which man faces today is the fact that bhakti is not considered as the part and parcel of our lives, said Govind Maharaj, asserting that this was a wrong premise as bhakti is an integral part of our lives.

As a result of this conditioning, he said, that people today are living at a basic level which is not much above the level of animals. The only solution of this problem is to know and love the lord and only this will help human beings to move into the higher realms and reach the stage of self-actualization.

The key to spiritual salvation lies in the teachings of Srimad Bhagwat Gita, “Sri Krishna encompasses all fields of life and humanity can learn a lot simply by deeply studying the various facets of his life,” adds Govind Das Ji Maharaj.