Eat to live, Live to Love

In one sense the first necessity of the human species, like any other species, is self preservation. Thus we need to eat in order to live. But under scrutiny we find that human life is unique and that it has another primary necessity. It needs to love. While we eat to live, we live to love.

Mahaprabhu taught that human society is the highest because Krsna in his most original and charming nara lila appears in a humanlike form, krsnera yateka khela sarvottama nara-lila nara-vapu tahara svarupa. He appears as a cowherd with flute, ever youthful, and as an excellent dancer all of which is just suitable for humanlike pastimes, gopa-vesa, venu-kara, nava-kisora, nata-vara nara-lilara haya anurupa. Herding unlimited cows with friends equal to himself is his natural carefree pastime in Vrindavana, nija-sama sakha-sange, go-gana-carana range vrndavane svacchanda vihara.

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