Indians mark end of Krishna Janmashtami

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Children dressed up as Lord Krishna for a skit
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Hindus around the country end their celebration of Lord Krishna’s birthday or Krishna Janmashtami tonight.

Sanatan Dharm Pratinidhi Sabha president Dewan Chand
Maharaj said they hope Hindus have been enlightened by seven days of

Maharaj is reminding followers of the need for the proper
disposal of flowers and other offerings because it is also part of
their ritual.

“It may happen that due to the rising of the tide, so it’s a nature of the
sea that whatever you put in the sea- it brings down to the edge and it
is only a few days thing. It melts down because the flowers do not
remain in the sea or riverside. The easiest thing would have been that
they could have gone and buried it somewhere but it’s not in the
culture. It’s is part of our prayers. I hope the people concerned will
bear with us because the flowers will remain for only two to three days
and it will melt away by itself.”