Japanese tea offered to Lord Krishna for world peace

New Delhi, Sept 13 (ANI): In a unique ceremony here today, Japanese tea masters served special holy tea to Lord Krishna at the famous Laxmi Narayan temple to promote peace and harmony in the world.

The ancient Japanese tea ceremony or 'Chado' was celebrated as part of the ongoing 'Japan-India Friendship Year'.

'Chado' is a traditional Japanese ritual based on Taoism and influenced by Zen Buddhism.

The ceremony was part of the 'Urasenke' school of tea ceremony.

A special concoction called 'Matcha' is made from powdered green tea leaves, which is served to a small group of guests in a tranquil setting.

'Matcha' forms the basis for profound spiritual and aesthetic discipline that has had a pervasive impact on Japanese civilization.

The tea prepared by the tea master was offered to the Hindu deity, and later given to all the guests present at the occasion.

"Through this tea ceremony, we want to spread the message of peace and harmony in the world," said Hounsai Genshitsu Sen, Tea Master and Japan-UN Goodwill Ambassador.

Sen has been serving as Japan-UN Goodwill Ambassador since 2005 and has been travelling across the world to spread peace and harmony among nations, as expounded in Chado tradition. (ANI)