Radha's birthday celebrated with fervour

The birthday of Radha, Lord Krishna's beloved, was celebrated Thursday with great fervour at Barsana, her native village.

A musical programme was held at Vrishbhanu Kund, a holy pond in the village. Ras lila performances by various groups held the audience spellbound.

The presence of Railway Minister Laloo Prasad Yadav with his family was a big draw for the villagers, who gathered to see the rituals at the Radha Rani temple early Thursday.

The picturesque hill-top temple of Radha was the chief centre of celebrations, where hundreds of people appeared in female attires as friends of Radha Rani.

Laloo Prasad keenly watched the rituals and patiently heard the devotional songs in praise of Radha.

Radha's birthday celebrations were held in Vrindavan and Mathura temples also. Artistes from various parts of the country presented classical dances at the famous Radha Ballabh Lal temple in Vrindavan.

This was the first time that celebrations on such a scale were held in Barsana, 35 km from Mathura.