Webcast of celebrations high point of Janmashtami in the US

By Parveen Chopra, New York, Sep 5 : While ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) temples, devoted exclusively to Lord Krishna, afforded arguably the best Janmashtami experience in the US, a novel feature of the festival this time was the webcast of celebrations at select Hare Krishna temples.

Krishna.com, a web portal run by ISKCON youths in Florida, allowed users to view live footage of celebrations at 10 ISKCON temples, listen to discourses on Lord Krishna, download photos and mp3s of devotional songs and even send loved ones Janmashtami e-cards.

While the 40-odd ISKCON temples in the US celebrated Lord Krishna's birthday on Sep 4, some of the scores of other Hindu temples held the festivities on Sep 3, which was the Labour Day holiday in the US.