Extreme Beliefs Tuesday, September 23 at 5pm | 4c

When Tamara speaks to her congregation about redemption, she talks from experience. The pastor and mother of two was once a member of one of the most notorious street gangs known as the Crips. After a slew of crimes and fights, Tamara found herself in prison for assault with a deadly weapon. It's here she found God and turned her life completely around. Now Tamara helps others whose shoes she once walked in.

Shani has a long list of things she's passionate about, and at the top of it are animals. A few years ago, after educating herself on the harsh realities of animal cruelty, Shani became a vegan. But she didn't stop there. She's also banned all animal products from her life and is an active member of Peta. Shani has even gotten into politics, petitioning for a ban on extreme farming. Her family of meat eaters doesn't share in her beliefs, but the challenge to change their minds only fuels her fire.

Sara's religion comes with a long list of do's and don'ts. As a Hare Krishna, she must live by the Four Regulative Principles of Religion, which include no meat eating and no sex before marriage. She even quit her job at a famous coffee chain when they started selling sandwiches with meat. During her frequent pilgrimages to India, Sara will wake at wake at 4 am and chant for hours. While this may seem extreme to some, for Sara it's completely fulfilling, yet she is looking forward to finding a husband (a Hare Krishna, of course) and experiencing all the joys of matrimony.