ISKCON Devotee Wins UK Recycling Award

UK charity ‘Food For All’ was presented with the first prize trophy at this year’s Novelis Community Recycling Project awards. The ceremony took place in central London and was attended by groups from all over the country who are pro-active in recycling.

Novelis, the largest recycler of aluminium drink cans in Europe, praised the charity's collection and distribution of fresh food from supermarkets which would otherwise be thrown away.

Parasuram Dasa, director of Food for All, said: “The food business wastes so much. Millions of tons of good food are wasted every year in the UK and end up in land-fills. “Often tons of packaged food is thrown away for relatively minor reasons. For example, over-produced products and items with incorrect packaging.”

Food for All has been working with Sainsburys in Watford and Camden, as well as smaller businesses.