Through the Eyes of a Child

Prahlad & the Krishna Kids (1986) - "Through the Eyes of a Child".

A musical hit in Australia and a number of countries, 'Prahlad and the Krishna Kids' were all devotees at ISKCON New Govardhan. This LP was bought via Ebay in 2005. Hare Krishna!

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(01) Through The Eyes Of A Child

(02) We Want To See The 21st Century

(03) Its Up To You

(04) Life Can Be Better

(05) In Every Town And Village

(09) My Generation

(10) Listen To The Children

All 10 song files zipped (37.3MB)

Executive producer Gauragopala dasa ACBSP

Produced by Havi and Mark Oputs EMI Sydney and Springbrook Queenland May 1986