Interfaith Prayer

by Dr. Amid Farid Isahak.

I recently spent nearly two weeks as a vegan, interfaith explorer and peace-pilgrim at the world headquarters of ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness, more popularly known as the Hare Krishna movement) at Sri Mayapur, West Bengal, India.

I was there with about 300 members and youths of URI (United Religions Initiative, for our triennial global assembly, hosted by ISKCON and the Bhaktivedanta Institute of Manipur.

Mayapur is about 100km north of Kolkata, but the journey by 4WD took three hours because the road was full of potholes and the trip was more like an obstacle race, zigzagging to avoid craters, rickshaws, bicycles, cars and cows. Then there were the oncoming buses and over-laden lorries threatening to smash us head-on as the vehicles on both sides took turns transgressing into the wrong side. I was praying frantically through much of the journey, which was appropriate as I was going there as a pilgrim of peace!