Mayapur Institute Graduation Ceremony

February 15th 2010, saw the graduation ceremony for the newest Bhaktisastri graduates at the Mayapur Institute (MI) Sri Dham Mayapur Campus. The ceremony was graced by many senior ISKCON leaders and educators. About 75 Students hailing from 34 different countries were welcomed with a very different type of invocation prayers led by Prema Vikas Das from South Africa. Prema Vikas a multi-talented artist, a rap singer & song-writer and now a Bhaktisastri, sang “If you really wanna know what the Gita’s all about… ” with chants of “Govinda Gopala” to set the ceremony start on an electrifying note! This was followed by a drama – Life of Srinivas Acarya, enacted by the Bhaktisastrinis, the female graduates of the latest batch of students. HG Padmanayana Das, Director – MI cordially appreciated the ladies’ effort calling it “a purely sattvik experience”.