Facts about Hare Krishna Food for Life

Hare Krishna Food for Life

Here are some interesting facts about Hare Krishna Food for Life:

Some of history’s most devastating disasters have befallen the world in recent years. In each case, Food for Life volunteers were there, bringing comfort and sustenance to the poor, the frightened, and the homeless.

* 2008 – Food for Life served freshly cooked vegan meals to survivors of Hurricane Gustav and Hurricane Ike in the southern United States.
* 2007 – Bangladesh: Hundreds of thousands of survivors were left homeless after the deadliest cyclone to hit Bangladesh in a decade. Soon after the dust settled, Food For Life volunteers were on the ground with a truck full of food to feed the hungry people.
* 2005 – Pakistan: Following the Pakistan earthquake, Food for Life volunteers worked side-by-side with local military and police personnel, distributing drinking water, food, tents and blankets.
* 2005 – Mississippi and Texas: When Hurricane Katrina struck with deadly force, Food for Life volunteers were among the first responders, distributing up to 800 freshly cooked meals daily to needy families in Mississippi and Texas.
* 2004 – 2005 Sri Lanka and India: A killer Tsunami wreaked incomprehensible devastation, resulting in the deaths of nearly 200,000 people. Once again, Food for Life volunteers joined the relief effort on the very day of the disaster, providing thousands of meals daily, along with medical care, clothing and shelter.
* In the 1990s, Food for Life volunteers risked their lives in the war-torn countries of Chechnya, Bosnia and Abkhazia, distributing food to needy and frightened civilians.

In total, Food for Life has distributed more than 750 million meals since its inception.

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