Gaudiya Vaishnava Artist : Parivadha das

Dhruva Maharaja
Krsna Janma
Sudama Vipra
Princess Rukmini

Samba's Marriage
Sri Sakshi Gopala
The Chess Match
The Syamantaka Jewel
The Test of Bhrigu Muni

Caffé Concoctione
The Boatman and Scholar
The Cobbler and Brahmin
The Drowning Man
The Genie in the Lamp
The Wrong Bank Account
Transylvania Transcended

Soul Time 1
Soul Time 2
The Bird in the Cage

Most of my productions were recorded in England with the help of many friends
All of the musicals and dramas are about pastimes of the Lord or His devotees
In the comedies I have tried to get one or more philosophical points across
Most of the productions have been recorded with the staging in mind.
You may freely use them as a soundtrack for a performance
They are ideal to be used in a big venue or tent
They are available on CD and mp3
Hare Krishna