Healer to hold meeting

A visiting healer invites those interested in the connection between the spiritual and the material world to a talk on Friday.

The ancient Vedic culture, traced by anthropologists as well as spiritualists to an era several millennia ago, was a culture rich in spiritual insights, social and political order, customs, poetry and music, says one of its followers, BV Tridandi Swami.

One aspect of Vedic culture which everyone can relate to even in the modern day is the power it gave to the vibration of sound, he says. The Vedic culture recognised sound as the medium connecting the spiritual world with the material world in which we all strive to survive in the face of the complexities we commonly grapple with.

Tridandi Swami was born in 1949 to English parents in Canada and first came in touch with the Vedic teachings in 1975.

In 1979 he became a full time practitioner of Bhakti yoga, joining a farming community of devotees in Murwillumbah, Australia.