Krishna jazz from faraway Congo

New Delhi, March 25: The tall dark African servitor from Congo spreads the gospel of Hindu god Krishna on the east coast of Africa with a saxophone, guitar and jazz.

"Hare Rama, Hare Krishna, Rama Rama, Hare Hare...", his gentle baritone fills the air as he plucks a plaintive riff -- in the American bluegrass tradition -- on his guitar.

The bhajan takes on a blues type note. And the crowd cheers.

Meet Dialopatey, the 54-year-old jazz saxophonist and guitarist from the Democratic Republic of Congo who is in Vrindavan recording an album with his multi-ethnic devotional band "Vrajabadhu".

"It is a religious fusion soul-jazz and funk rock band featuring the violin, guitar, drums, saxophone, harmonium and the mridangam. We combine Afro-American music with the Indian kirtan in braj bhasa and Sanskrit. The band was born in Hungary before coming to India and roping in local musicians," Atey told IANS during a visit to New Delhi.