Within Ten Miles of Mayapur

Today in the rural area between Navadwip and the town of Krishnanagar, sixty percent of the children drop out of school before the age of twelve, and more than half of the women are illiterate. Some seventy thousand villagers in the region drink arsenic-contaminated water, twenty-three thousand of them showing skin infections and lesions.

Within Ten Miles of Mayapur follows the work of Sri Mayapur Vikas Sangha (SMVS), a non-profit organization based in Iskcon Mayapur. Its mission is to fulfill Srila Prabhupada’s desire that no one should go hungry within a ten-mile radius of the ISKCON temple. For the last ten years, SMVS has worked to end the economic and social causes of poverty in the region. It is an NGO in West Bengal and has received grants from funding agencies worldwide including the United Nations.