Nandafalva Mela 2011

International Vaishnava Melas
in Nandafalva, Hungary Yatra

The Mela at Nandafalva is an ideal place for Vaishnavas, families, children & friends of the bhakti tradition to meet each and every year.

Invitation 2011

The Mela at Nandafalva is an inspiration for the whole year for big and little ones. It is also an opportunity to “take a holiday from your habits”.  A chance to step out from the daily grind, in the association of kindred spirits for one week to pamper one another and exchange an intensive spirit.

Mela means learning, serving & vacationing in Nandafalva together with Gauranga Mahaprabhu, Govardhan, Radha Gopivallabha, with the Acaryas, with the spiritual Masters, the Sadhus, the Vaishnavas, the families, friends and last but not least, with the children to celebrate.  Mela also means commemoration; it’s a feast, a festival with loving exchange, for giving and receiving.

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