Latin American WVA Meeting

Mexico Vrinda Yatra invited 
and hosted the WVA meeting

A new WVA meeting is being held in Mexico Vrinda Yatra


WVA vice-president Srila Bhakti Vicar Visnu Maharaja addressed the meeting with wonderful words. He compared that dividing the Vaisnavas by rejecting others who preach the same message you do is the process which will spoil our own approach to Lord Krishna.

Durlabha Prabhu spoke about the importance of helping each other in Mexico.

Swami Paramadvaiti spoke about the importance of WVA to protect all missions and have the general public see Vaisnavas as a world religion: "New centers are opening of different Vaisnava missions.  We consider that a great success of the mission given by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.  Visnu Maharaj had been invited by a governor of Nuevo Leon to assist the government in resolving many problems as an adviser.  If we stand together on joint needs we will be able to touch more hearts.  Even the secretary of the governor of Zakateca requested Maharaja to stay more time that he would arrange permanent visa for him.  If the vaisnavas quarrel with each other in the temples or in between missions we will only create offense and the material desires will increase again.  Be pure and give the example to others."


Bhaktivedanta Parivrajaks Maharaja spoke about the local mission.  Coming from Chile he compared that even things are more difficult in Mexico the people receive the message very spontaneously.  Morelia Yatra has been given a chance to speak about drugs in the university where many people including teachers are consumers of drugs under the title Yoga against drugs people get new ideas about life.  Healing sounds was the key ingredient to help people heal from addiction. 

Bhaktivedanta Swami Maharaja from Vrinda Mexico spoke about the need of preaching with quality:  "Our meeting from time to time is the loving relationship.  We have a good intention to solve the real problems of this world and we honor all Vaisnavas."

Some discussion was about the Ratha Yatra festival of Mexico.  Kali Maharaja creates quarrel amongst devotees to stop the preaching.  As a solution it was decided to organize a new united Vaisnava festival.  Avoiding the conflict area and let the Ratha Yatra continue by the mission who wants to do it without other missions’ participation.

Bhakti Vicar Visnu Maharaja said to harmonize: "Prahlad Maharaja endured so much difficulties but Lord Narasingadeva waited such a long time before he appeared personally.  The same happened to the Pandavas, but when time came, Krishna drove the chariot to their victory.  Following the example of Nityananda Prabhu we should forgive those who offend."

The meeting went to the Sri Sri Radha Madhava Mandir for giving talks to the visiting Vaisnavas and celebrate with mahaprasad for all devotees.  Local chapter meetings of the WVA give joy to the local Vaisnava community.

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