Vedic rock music, drama mark ISKCON Yuva Mahotsav

PATNA: Youth forum of International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) organized a daylong 'Maha Umang Yuva Mahotsav' at the S K Memorial Hall on Sunday. It was a comprehensive package comprising drama, Vedic rock music and didactic speech.

In his discourse on 'Burning the Ravana within', Sundar Gopal Das from ISKCON, Delhi, told the youth how to improve their character through Vedic ways. A drama depicting the dialogue between Lord Krishna and a youth 'Pratap' was performed by Ishawar Nam Das and Adiyogi Das.

Das, a gold medallist IITian from Buxar, Bihar, who refused a high salaried job to join ISKCON, said the youths must imbibe their own culture and Vedic scriptures besides shunning the evils that include alcohol and drugs. Safeguarding the character and proper management of lifestyle are the two biggest issues facing the Indian youths, he said and added that ISKCON, in its bid to help the students overcome these two impediments and holds weekly sessions at several premier educational institutions, including the IIT and NIT here. Holding that the youth are the future of the country, he said ISKCON gives the students a platform where they can discuss their problems and get solutions for most of them.

In the rock show, artistes of 'Gaur Vani' band from Mauritius sung songs dedicated to Lord Krishna. Youths and devotees enjoyed the music and also danced with full energy. The audience, most of them college-goers, jumped out of their seats when the band leader chanted 'Hari Bol'.

Spokesperson of Bihar unit of ISKCON, Nand Gopal Das, said a similar programme will be held on the MIT campus at Muzaffarpur on October 21.