Indian Minister of Agriculture Visits ISKCON Nairobi

By: Dvaraka-vasini Dasi ISKCON News on July 17, 2015

Mohanbhai Kalyanjibhai Kundaria Indian Minister of Agriculture
On July 12th 2015, Shriman Mohanbhai Kalyanjibhai Kundaria Indian Minister of Agriculture, during his official trip to Kenya, visited ISKCON Nairobi. The minister was received by temple president Umapati Das at the entrance, and some special mantras were also recited for invoking auspiciousness and welcoming the minister into the temple.

The Minister was escorted by the Hindu Council Chairman Shriman Nitin Malde, and industrialist Shriman Ashok Shah.

After offering his respects to the temple Deities, the minister proceeded to have prasadam lunch served by the Vaishnavi Sanga girls. Mr. Mohanbhai was very happy to honor the Ekadashi maha prasadam.

Paying respects to the Deities
The minister concluded his trip to the temple by sharing a very nice story with the temple congregation, which had gathered for the Sunday feast program.  The minister talked about a small boy who had unflinching faith in Krishna. Once the boy had to undergo a heart surgery, said the minister. The boy requested the surgeon to be careful during the surgery as he had Krishna in the heart. During the operation, the minister explained, the surgeon saw the heart was beyond repair, so he just stitched the boy up.

Prayers before prasadam
When the surgeon was washing his hands, he heard the boy ask if he saw Krishna inside the heart. To the surgeon’s amazement, the boy fully recovered.

The minister concluded his story by blessing the temple congregation that they also have that unflinching faith in Krishna and have the Lord in their hearts always.

The minister was also gifted the Bhagavad Gita As It Is, in Gujarati and English. He was surprised to see that the Bhagavad Gita has been translated into Gujarati as well.

Umapati Das and Mr. Mohanbhai