Sri Giri Govardhan in Vrindavanita, Colombia

 By Vrinda Family News

On November 15th was celebrated the beautiful festival of Sri Giri Govardhan and the transcendental disappearance of Srila Prabhupada in Vrindavanita Eco Yoga Farm Monastery, Bogota-Colombia.

There were several activities and offerings full love by the dear devotees.

Here are some pictures of this beautiful festival that was full of joy and sadhu sanga.

Giri Govardhan giving us her divine darshan and mercy

The most lovely smile

Vinoda Devi Dasi with her small child bathing Giri Govardhan
"There is not bigger treasure than teaching your children the path towards Krishna Consciousness"

BV Sagar Swami, Vrinda Mission's missionary, worshiping Sri Govardhan and giving us his nectar in this day

All expansions of Giri Govardhan giving us their sweet darshan

Sharing in family, Sadhu sanga Ki, Jay!

Ecstatic kirtan by Prabhu Askalita, pioneer and guardian of the Vrinda Mission in Colombia

Sri Giriraj Govardhan Ki, Jay!
Vrindavanita Ki, Jay!
Vrinda Mission Ki, Jay!