Gaura Lila Part 1 - Caitanya Mahaprabhu's Appearance

Devotional song from a bengali movie, with Asim Kumar

A scene from Nader Nimai, a bangla movie [1957]about Sri Chaitanya's pastimes until the age of 24.
Here Srivas Thakur gets the news of Nimai's absorbtion in devotional singing, called Kirtan. Mukunda Datta is starts to sing a bhajan concerned with Sri Krishna's beloved Radha, who is absorbt in Purva Raag, i. e. a deep feeling of love, after having heard about Sri Krishna. When Nimai arrives there, Mukunda stops the song, considering Nimai Pandit not suitable to listen to such deeply esoteric meaning, not realizing that the same Krishna, whom he worships, is now right in front of him.