Bhaktivedanta Manor Hare Krishna Temple annual family open day on Saturday

Watford Obersver, UK: Tuesday 28 July 2015

Bhaktivedanta Manor Hare Krishna Temple annual family open day on Saturday

Bhaktivedanta Manor Hare Krishna Temple will host its annual family open day on Saturday, August 1.

Activities will include face painting, henna tattoos, a bouncy castle, yoga and meditation, as well as a chance to join an afternoon prayer service.

Visitors will be able to explore Bhaktivedanta Manor and its 60-acre site, including woodland and a farm, which was donated to the Hare Krishna movement by George Harrison in 1973.

Visitors will be provided with free parking and a free vegetarian lunch, as well as having the opportunity to buy sweet and savoury Indian vegetarian food.
Srutidharma Dasa, Temple President, said: "Bhaktivedanta Manor is a unique and beautiful place with so much to offer - it is rich in history, spirituality and in beauty. There really is something for everyone here.

"I would encourage all our visitors, young and old, to join in the fun, explore the wonderful grounds and enjoy a day out with a difference."

Group gives out 3,000 copies of holy book to Tamil schools

Published by The Star: Tuesday July 28, 2015

Starting them young: Pupils lifting up copies of the Bhagavad Gita that their schools received during the programme at Komtar

A TOTAL of 3,000 copies of the Hindu holy scripture — Bhagavad Gita were handed over to all 28 Tamil vernacular schools in Penang.

Copies of the holy book were given to the primary schools in an effort to educate the young about the values in life to achieve unity and peace in the world.

The event was organised by Global Integrated Transcendental Association (GITA) of Penang.

Its president Madhusudan Das said through this event, the pupils would have the opportunity to learn anddiscover more about the Bhagavad Gita.

“Besides these Tamil schools, we will also hand out copies of the Bhagavad Gita to other educational institutions, libraries and participants of ongoing programmes by GITA.

“We aim to distribute 5,000 copies by the end of the year,” he said at the opening of the Penang Tamil schools’ GITA Programme at Komtar in George Town on Saturday.

He added that the copies, which were given out were in English and Tamil.

Madhusudan said GITA would hold a Gita Champion League, which would be a statewide competition on the reciting of the Bhagavad Gita.

“This competition, which will be held both in English and Tamil, is to encourage students to read the holy book and to understand it,” he added.

Details of the competition will be announced at a later date.

State Youth and Sports, Women, Family and Community Development Committee chairman Chong Eng, who was present at the ceremony, said good values were important for a community.

“Everyone can own the holy book, but it is more important to put in the effort to learn what is in the book and to follow it,” she said.

Rath Yatra Celebrated in Various Parts of Kolkata

Kolkata, Press Trust of India, Updated: July 18, 2015

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee offering prayer to Lord Jagannath during ISKCON Rathyatra in Kolkata on Saturday. (Press Trust of India)

Rath Yatra was today celebrated in various parts of the city with traditional religious fervour.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee inaugurated ISKCON's 44th Rath Yatra from its temple on Albert Road.

The colourful chariots of Lord Jagannath, Balaram and Subhadra, pulled by thousands of devotees from India and abroad, moved through the major city roads amid the joyous chants of 'Jai Jagannath' and 'Hare Krishna'.

The chariots moved through various roads of the city and reach the Brigade Parade Ground (Maidan) where it will remain till July 25.

City Mayor Sovan Chatterjee, Trinamool MP and popular film actor Dev besides actress Koel Mallick, singer Indranil Sen were also present among others.

The chariots would return to the ISKCON temple on July 26 on the day of  "Ultarathayatra" (return journey).

With Rathyatra and Eid falling on the same day this year, ISKCON authorities changed the yatra route in solidarity with the Muslim population and in order not to cause them any problem.

Over 15 lakh devotees from around 100 nations are expected to participate in this year's ISKCON's Rath Yatra, a functionary of the religious group said.

During these eight days, several cultural programmes like dance performance of Dona Ganguly's group and Vedic songs by Russian devotees, are scheduled.

Students pursuing Ph.D at IIT-Kharagpur's Electronics department would present a shadow dance on the essence of Bhagavad Gita.

Chariot festivals were organised all over the city in which hundreds of devotees participated.

Building Srila B.V. Narayan Maharaja's Samadhi

Dandavat Pranam Dear Vaisnava Family,

I feel so fortunate to be present right now in Sri Navadwip Dham, where I am having the opportunity to personally witness the day to day progress of Srila Gurudeva’s samadhi mandir.

It has been so heart touching to observe the deep sincerity of all the vaisnavas present who are serving with so much love and intention. Through simultanious summer heat and heavy windstorms, the wizards continue to perform their magic, brick by brick, tear by tear and with great dedication. Devotees from all over the world anxiously join the workers to carry bricks and install little pieces of themselves within the beautiful samadhi walls.

By Srila Gurudeva’s merciful overseeing, the Bhakta Bandhava team has been able to accomplish wonders within just a few months. The construction has been under the direct guidance of Srila Gurudeva’s near and dear vaisnavas who are seeing that everything is utilized most sweetly and perfectly in the building of Gurudeva’s home.

Srila Gurudeva's samadhi mandir will be sanctuary for devotees all over the world. Future generations will come to this place to meet with this great personality and reflect upon the unfathomable gifts he has given. Modeled after Srila Rupa Goswamis Samadhi, small temples of all the great acharyas will surround Srila Gurudeva's samadhi.

We have the opportunity of a lifetime to offer our heartfelt love to Srila Gurudeva by contributing to the building of this great center of both meeting and separation. Although he has everything and does not need anything from us he is mercifully giving us the chance to remember and serve him.

I am in Navadwip for the next 3 months working with the Bhakta Bandhava team. Srila Gurudeva is so present here and everyday his home unfolds more and more. We are humbly inviting each and everyone of Gurudeva's disciples to make any heartfelt contribution towards his Samadhi Mandir. Your offerings will go directly into the hands of the Bhakta Bandhava managers who are buying the supplies daily and and paying the workers.

No offering is too big or small and certainly Srila Gurudeva is directly accepting anything that is offered with love. He came to our home and offered the wealth of his heart and now we can come to his home and offer our wealth and hearts.

Jai Srila Gurudeva!

Aspiring Servant,
Radhika dasi


Muslim farmer builds Krishna temple

NYOOOZ Kanpur Sat,11 Jul 2015

KANPUR: In contrast with communal flare-ups in several towns in western UP, a 45-year-old Muslim farmer in Kanpur Dehat's Murra village has come out as a perfect example of communal harmony. Observing Ramzan religiously, the man has constructed a temple dedicated to Radha-Krishna which is attracting people in droves.

The villagers said that the construction of the temple by Raees Mohammad was an example of Hindu-Muslim brotherhood. Raees has also arranged a priest and personally participates in the prayers at the temple.

"Popular as 'Bhaijan', Raees (45) dons a scull cap and a 'bhagwa' (saffron) scarf. He claps, dances and sings 'bhajans' loudly in the Radha-Krishna temple. At first glance, he looks like any other Hindu devotee, but he vouches he is a devout Muslim. In fact, he has also appointed a priest for the newly-built temple which houses idols of Radha and Krishna," said a villager.

"Raees not only observes Ramzan fast and offers namaz regularly, but also performs 'bhajan' and 'aarti' at the temple. Recently, he organised 'Akhand Ramayan' path and 'bhandara' (community feat)," said the temple priest Shiv Kumar Dikshit adding, "Raees has spent Rs 2 to 3 lakh of his savings on the temple's construction."

Raees said he was inspired when prayers offered at a Radha-Krishna temple situated at a nursing home 'cured' his wife Qamrunisa. "Prayers offered before the idols of Radha-Krishna at the temple cured my ailing wife. After that, I decided to build a temple of Radha-Krishna in my village too," said Raees. Born at Murra near Rasoolabad, Raees' family is among the 15 Muslim families living there.

The Hindu community in the village is grateful to him for setting a precedent of Hindu-Muslim unity. "Almost all religions preach love, peace and brotherhood. God in different forms is one and he does not discriminate. It makes no difference for us as to who has constructed the temple. It has now become a symbol of communal harmony in the area," said Ram Kumar, a local of Murra village.

The commendable work of Raees is being lauded by villagers of not only Murra area but also by neighbouring villages also. "This is a positive development for the village as a whole. It is real work in the direction of bringing both the communities closer," Naresh of neighbouring Rasoolabad area, said. 

Indian Minister of Agriculture Visits ISKCON Nairobi

By: Dvaraka-vasini Dasi ISKCON News on July 17, 2015

Mohanbhai Kalyanjibhai Kundaria Indian Minister of Agriculture
On July 12th 2015, Shriman Mohanbhai Kalyanjibhai Kundaria Indian Minister of Agriculture, during his official trip to Kenya, visited ISKCON Nairobi. The minister was received by temple president Umapati Das at the entrance, and some special mantras were also recited for invoking auspiciousness and welcoming the minister into the temple.

The Minister was escorted by the Hindu Council Chairman Shriman Nitin Malde, and industrialist Shriman Ashok Shah.

After offering his respects to the temple Deities, the minister proceeded to have prasadam lunch served by the Vaishnavi Sanga girls. Mr. Mohanbhai was very happy to honor the Ekadashi maha prasadam.

Paying respects to the Deities
The minister concluded his trip to the temple by sharing a very nice story with the temple congregation, which had gathered for the Sunday feast program.  The minister talked about a small boy who had unflinching faith in Krishna. Once the boy had to undergo a heart surgery, said the minister. The boy requested the surgeon to be careful during the surgery as he had Krishna in the heart. During the operation, the minister explained, the surgeon saw the heart was beyond repair, so he just stitched the boy up.

Prayers before prasadam
When the surgeon was washing his hands, he heard the boy ask if he saw Krishna inside the heart. To the surgeon’s amazement, the boy fully recovered.

The minister concluded his story by blessing the temple congregation that they also have that unflinching faith in Krishna and have the Lord in their hearts always.

The minister was also gifted the Bhagavad Gita As It Is, in Gujarati and English. He was surprised to see that the Bhagavad Gita has been translated into Gujarati as well.

Umapati Das and Mr. Mohanbhai

Catch the Universal Wave

Submitted by Harmonist staff on July 16, 2015

Q and A with Srila B.R. Sridhara Goswami

Student: How will a person be able to read the universal wave when his mind is fully engrossed with local interest of different kinds? How can one detect the universal interest, the universal wave?

Srila Sridhara Maharaja: Only one who has fully eliminated all kinds of local interest and is eager to understand the universal wave, he can see it clearly. Athesv abhijnah svarat: what is the purpose of the movement of this world? The answer is clear – it is for Itself. Reality is for itself – not to satisfy many but to satisfy one.

All the waves are meant to satisfy that One, and if we can put ourselves on that level we can understand the truth; otherwise not – in which case, we engage in thievery. We are far from the truth when we cannot see that everything – all waves are flowing towards the satisfaction of the One –svayam-bhagavan. We are laboring under a deception, we are deceivers who are not just deceiving ourselves but the world as well. Everyone, all the baddha-jivas are more or less cheaters.

That is our position and we must be relieved of such misunderstanding, self-deception and environmental cheating if we are to be placed in our proper position. Thereafter we may go there and find that universal wave – actually see it – have darsana. Darsana means to see; but how to see? That must be learned. What to see? How to read what is going on within myself and outside myself? That is proper understanding – proper education. A proper understanding of one’s own self as well as the environment is proper education. That education must be Vedic. The standard must be drawn from outside this area of maya – this area of misunderstanding; the standard must be drawn from the perfect realm through Veda – revealed truth.

We must accept revealed truth and bid farewell to so-called scientific knowledge and other kinds of perceptions that are all erroneous – based on false experience and false information. It belongs to me; it belongs to him; it belongs to them. This calculation is all false. We have to get wholesale relief from this mania!

And what’s more, we must not only get relief from this misconception, from misunderstanding the external waves, but we must attain a positive position – to learn to understand the wave, the vibration of Goloka. Goloka is the most universal, most fundamental plane. If we can harmonize ourselves with that plane, we will be led to Vrindavana or Navadvipa and there, we shall see things as they are.