Ramnavami - the birthday of Lord Ram - Goa - Cities - The Times of India

Shri Ram was a legendary ruler of Ayodhya who gave topmost priority to the well-being of his subjects. He was a benevolent ruler and his birthday is celebrated as Ramnavami on the ninth day of the first fortnight of the Chaitra, the first month in the Hindu calendar.

Shri Ram is regarded as one of the seventh incarnations of Vishnu. Madhvacharya, a well known spritual leader, propagated his philosophy in the early days of the 13th century and popularised the cult of Ram bhakti.

In Goa, there are various temples of Shri Ram. The temple of Ramchandra and Sita in Pilgao, Bicholim, which was destroyed by the Mughal army in the 17th century, was later rebuilt in the 18th century. In Cuncoliem of Salcete, shrines of Shri Ram and Shri Krishna were destroyed by the Portuguese in the 16th century.

In Canacona, Partgal of Poinguinim is famous for the Gokarn Partgal Jeevottam Math, which is respected by Gaud Saraswat Vaishnava Brahmin sect. In the Math an inscription mentions that the temple of Shri Ramchandra was founded between 1811 and 1812. At the Math, a number of festivals are observed throughout the year. But the festival of Ramnavami is the principal festival which commences from Chaitra Shuddha Panchami and lasts up to Navami. In front of the math, at the entrance, a pillar is erected called the Dhvajastambh, where religious performances are organised during Ramnavami.