Radhanath Swami pays visit to Shree Gopinath Math

Recent visit of Sri Radhanath Swami to the Shree Gopinath Gaudiya Math. In the picture Radhanath Swami offeres homage to Srila Bhakti Pramode Puri Goswami Maharaj along with B.B. Bodhayan Swami, actual acharya of Srila Puri Maharaja's mission.

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The tale of Krishna and Kusela on Puthu Yugam

A still from Sri Krishna Avatharam
Puthu Yugam's series Sri Krishna Avatharam explores the life of Sri Krishna as the King of Dwaraka. So far, the escapades of the tyrants who rose against truth and justice and how they were defeated by Lord Sri Krishna was showcased. The upcoming episodes will deal with the relationship between Lord Sri Krishna and his dear friend Kuselan. The series is aired between Monday and Friday at 7 pm and is repeated the next day at 11 am, India television. A compilation of Monday to Friday episodes can be watched on Sunday at 2 pm. 

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