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"Our Last Chance" play at Kumbha Mela

By Deena Bandhu Das
Ujjain, India
Kumbha Mela 2016

Last night (April 29th) HH Paramadvaiti Maharaja brought his devotees from South America to do an amazing drama called Our Last Chance in our Kumbha Mela Pandal! The theme was about how we're polluting our earth and her rivers with a professional Hindi soundtrack. In the end the whole audience danced with us to the Mahamantra and we got them to make a pledge to do their part to stop pollution!

Our happy green Earth comes dancing out!

They danced so beautifully the whole audience applauded!

A beautiful tree begins to grow!

All the evils of Kali, bribery, scams, stealing, sin, greed, etc.

The rape of our Earth!

Polluting the our Sacred Rivers!

Unnecessarily cutting the trees!

All the evils of society!
Together they will destroy the world!

Now everything is finished

Audience intently watching!

A devotee appears on the scene

You did this?? He points at the audience!

He repents and begins to clean up the mess!

Everyone is happy again!

The audience leaps to their feet to chant with us!

The even join on the stage dancing and chanting!

HH Paramadvati Maharja joins the fun!

I translate for Maharja in to Hindi!

He gets the audience to pledge that they will chant Hare Krishna and do their part to end polluting our sacred rivers and our Mother Earth!